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Title: A man with a murderous face

Author: Matti Rönkä

Translated from Finnish by Anu Väli

Designed by: Jan Garshnek

Pages: 200

Year of publication: 2011

Publisher: Pegasus

Language: Estonian

Format: Paperback

Condition: Used book in good condition

Dimensions: 140 x 210 mm


Viktor Kärppä is at your service. I am a reliable and honest man. I organize and mediate all kinds of transactions and permits. I do not steal, do not deal in drugs and are not too violent. I won't kill, even though I have a killer's face. I have a good employer, Ryshkov, and at the moment I have a lucrative end to finding a missing woman.

In the first part of the series, Kärppä's task is to look for a woman of Estonian origin. However, the seemingly useful service strikes Kärppä on the head of ordinary life, and to his surprise, the man discovers himself in the middle of the international drug business. Kärppä brings additional color to her new girlfriend Marja - to a smart woman with an independent way of thinking, the man's actions seem dubious, to put it mildly, and such an attitude does not favor the development of a happy partnership ...

The author's first novel, which takes place in parallel in Helsinki, Tallinn and Russia, was selected as one of the three best international criminal novels of 2007 in Germany; In 2007, Rönkä received the Nordic Crime Novel Award Lasiavain and in 2009 the Kalle Päätalo Award.

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