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Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco
  • Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco
  • Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco
  • Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco
  • Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco
  • Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco
  • Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco

Miljonäri kiirtee. MJ DeMarco

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Title: The Millionaire's Highway. Break the code of wealth and live richly for the rest of your life

Author: MJ DeMarco

Translated from English by Kadri Pärtel

Pages: 380

Year of publication: 2017

Publisher: Logical

Language: Estonian

Format: Paperback

Condition: Used book in good condition


The reader declares…

"In the end, someone had the courage to tell the truth about all this nonsense around us and lead us to the path of true prosperity."

"This book is an alarm clock, on a wild scale - so many well-known financial gurus want to avenge it!"

"I can honestly say that it doesn't matter if you are already wealthy or on the verge of bankruptcy: this book will change your life."

Escape financial mediocrity, let go of nine to five jobs, and pull off 40 years of your wealth journey!

Have you been sold a 40-year financial lie? There is a freeway to millions; a shortcut paved with math where you can LIVE LARGE NOW versus DIE LARGE LATER. Instead, you have been brainwashed by the "advisors" of a whole army of banks, proclaiming a dream-killing dogma known as "slowly getting rich." Their suffocating plan allows you to get rich in old age, and they carelessly contribute to your financial future in the stock markets, the job market, and the real estate market. Give up the create-and-pray financial plan, change you, go to the Highway, and make your dreams come true.

• Why "wealth in a wheelchair", 40 years of jobs, pension funds, mutual funds, pointless austerity and other investment adviser strategies will never make you rich.

• Why most "get rich" books have only made the author rich - not yours!

• How to feel truly prosperous right now, even if you are as poor as a church rat.

• 5 Commandments of Wealth - How to Create a Millionaire's Income!

• Number 1 cause of poverty - start here and you will change everything!

• How to generate an explosive increase in net worth of 400% or more, say goodbye to a paltry 8% stock market return!

• Why do gurus' "do what you love", "follow your passion" and other well-being banalities are most likely deadlocked and do not lead to prosperity.

• And more than 250 reminders of poverty and prosperity!

MJ DeMarco is a multimillionaire, entrepreneur, investor and author. MJ retired at a young age in his thirties and currently lives in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, where his passion is fast cars, fitness and freeway financial freedom.

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