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Vocal device and speech development exercise

Authors: Kadi Lukanenok, Tiiu Tammemäe

Format: 29.5 x 21 cm

Volume: Loose leaves

Year of publication: 2008

Condition: Used


This exercise consists of 8 parts: a methodical guide and kits for setting and automating the sounds S, R, K, V, P, T, Õ, Ä, Ö and Ü. The last four voices are in a common set.

The main users are speech therapists who instruct and develop children with pronunciation disorders aged 5-7. However, given the multifunctionality of the exercise, the authors hope that the material will be used by other educators and pedagogical specialists. By varying the amount of material and the degree of independence of the child's work, this exercise can also be adapted to significantly older or somewhat younger children. It is also easy for parents to guide and help their child practice at home with these kits.

Each exercise set contains a description of the correct and incorrect pronunciation of the corresponding sound and tools for practical work. The main unit of work is a colored worksheet with the corresponding linguistic material on the back. In order to record what was practiced in the lesson, the child will receive a black-and-white copy of a colored worksheet. The language material is helpful for the working adult, it can also be used for reading instruction and reading practice.

It is estimated that one work unit takes one talk hour (session).

The exercise is designed as open pages - it allows the speech therapist (the adult leading the work) to select and arrange the material according to the individual needs of each child.

It is recommended to bind the black and white leaves given to the child. By adding pages during the work, the child gets his / her workbook.

Worksheets have a title to make it easier to use. The mark in the upper right corner indicates where the vowel to be practiced in the word is located.

The exercise is designed to work at the table. No buttons or dice are required for games.

The design and pictures were made by Maite-Margit Kotta.

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