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Title: World War II Battles in Air, Land and Water

Author: Hanno Ojalo and Mati Õun

Pages: 288

Year of publication: 2018

Publisher: Äripäev

Language: Estonian

Series: Wonderful History


What decided the fate of the Second World War? Were they the Air Force? How important were the tanks and what role did the navy actually play?

In their richly illustrated and fact-packed book, Hanno Ojalo and Mati Õun shed more light on why large and heavy tanks and artillery were considered the most important techniques of World War II ground combat, and why powerful armored vehicles became one of the symbols of military power and successful attacks.

The second part of the book tells you how the air war took place, what the best planes were and what could have been the decisive turning points in the bloody struggle of the great powers, during which, unfortunately, the warring states and the peaceful inhabitants suffered great losses.

The third part, however, gives an overview of the course of the naval war, the large and small warships used in World War II, and the decisive naval battles.

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