Eesti muinasaarded. Mauri Kiudsoo

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Title: Ancient Estonian islands. Trade routes and contacts

Author: Mauri Kiudsoo

Pages: 200

Year of publication: 2019

Publisher: Äripäev

Language: Estonian

Series: Wonderful History


Hundreds of treasures with tens of thousands of coins and jewelery have been discovered in Estonia. Many diverse and contemporary treasure finds have come to light from many villages. Estonia is a country with an extremely complex history, which has been repeatedly ravaged by wars, famines and plagues. More than once, whole villages have been emptied of people, a treasure dug into the corner of a house or yard, filled with the envy of another, has been waiting for a happy finder for centuries.

The book "Estonian Ancient Islands" introduces in more detail the ancient islands discovered in Estonia, the name of which includes such finds that have remained between the last ice age and the fourth quarter of the 13th century. In Estonia, the conquest of the land by the German and Danish crusaders in the wars of 1208–1227 has traditionally been considered the end of antiquity, as described in Henrik's Livonian Chronicle.

Although the book provides a thorough overview of the nature of Estonia's special treasures, the possible reasons for hiding them and their background, it focuses primarily on the main trade routes and contacts that affected the daily lives of Baltic Finns and are well traceable due to imported treasures.

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